Font Sizes and The Screen

Hi, I’m new to this. The standard font size on any of the screens is too small and I am struggling to see it. Is there any way of changing the default size of the font that opens up with?



Agreed. We have a couple team member with vision disabilities who struggle with Monday as well.

Hi @Rob-Rolls and @abiciea, thanks for this feedback. I definitely want to pass it on to my team. Are there any particular areas where you are noticing this is a problem? In the meantime does it help to zoom in on the page?

It is a general problem. My eyes aren’t better on another screen. And no, zooming is not a solution. When you zoom in, the font becomes readable, but the right hand part of the page goes off the screen. We need control of the font size. You would also have to allow the text fields – especially but not limited to the item titles – to wrap.

There are many places to go on the web to read about how to make your site accessible. Here is just one: