Accessibility for a blind colleague

We have a team member who is struggling to learn to use without vision. Does anyone have a colleague who was successfully onboarded without being able to see the training videos? Or can point me in the right direction with training, because he is struggling with his screen reading software to navigate around as well?


Unfortunately I don’t have a solution to add here, but wanted to share that I am currently having related conversation with my account manager, to support visual accessibility needs of my team member as well.

It sounds like there is work being done at monday to improve accessiblity but I don’t know the details of what or when. Would be great to hear more from the company on this as it affects so many people.

@jpv I’m glad you are also pursuing this. We are struggling to get full implementation across our team at this point because of this issue. Thanks for posting!

I just cannot imagine how difficult it would be to use that software without being able to see well since is so strongly based on colours and many relatively small areas of information !

Yes @JPinBe. That has been the challenge with the screen reader software, because of all the different areas where information lives on each board.

I’ve just seen that you can double or triple the row heights. That could help your partially blind colleague. You can find the option in the 3 dot menu button on the top right corner beside “sort”

Thank you @JPinBe. I had not noticed that!

Hey @pamela.carlin and @JPinBe, thanks so much for posting about this! We are working to make more accessible for everybody and still have a ways to go, so we really appreciate your feedback.

I want to leave our accessibility statement here, in case you haven’t already checked it out, because it lists our features made with accessibility in mind.

We would also love to take your feedback into account more systematically. Is there any chance you can fill out this short form?:

You don’t have to fill out the “link to ticket/request” section, and your feedback will go directly to our team working on accessibility issues.

Thanks again for your feedback, and if you or anybody else has more, we’d love to hear it :slight_smile:

Hello Talia.

I’m only trialing Monday to see how it works. I’ve been looking at many tutorials, videos and in the community. It was there that I first responded to @pamela.carlin about the difficulties a partially blind colleague was having. I looked at the form but I really can’t add much that would be of help considering my very limited use of Monday so far.

Best regards,

John Pescod



Hi John,

Many thanks for your response and for sharing your and your colleague’s experience—that is already enough.

We definitely will continue to work on this and if anything else comes up that you can think of, feel free to let us know.


We at StoryFile are facing a similar friction for a colleague trying to use while visually impaired. We want to have our staff use your forms for data entry (e.g., Sales teams entering leads), as well as to be able to access project boards and dashboards for tracking leads, etc. I will share your feedback form internally for them to give direct feedback.

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