Accessibility in the WorkForms


While the work forms were great with their customisation, and it’s easy to share/send the published work forms that can record their input and create them into items on the board, there are a few ideas that I would like to suggest to help improve the accessibility of those work forms and to make it easier for diversity and inclusion, specifically for those with CALD backgrounds.

At the moment, those WorkForms do not have any options or settings that can allow me to upload a file, preferably a video file, that will display the sign language explaining the questions or describing the answers, as our client portfolio is mainly from the Deaf and hard of hearing communities who often have language deprivation and no access to the English language so they are visual learners and needs to follow instructions visually, hence why I suggest allowing attachments to be added in the WorkForms, you can set the maximum size of the attachment to the capability of your servers, and I can be able to upload those video files, which can be displayed either on both desktop and mobile browser. It can auto-play when scrolling down or manually pressed to play. If I could get those options added, it would transform our forms into inclusive and accessible forms that can cater to everyone who uses sign language, not only those who can read English on a standard level.

This could be critical for those people with disabilities, and the more visual you can customise, the better they can understand it.

On another note, can you please improve the WorkForm fields? For instance, I had to use the “Single Select” question to provide the consent and third-party authorisation statement, which they must read when that’s not the point; the point was for them to read and understand it and tick a box to confirm their understanding, not select the only answer to that statement. It bulks up the form unnecessary, and some would say make it seems cluttered. It would be good to have a question that would allow us to write a statement, and it requires them to tick off it or press a button to confirm it, so it’s easy and quick for them to go through it, not have to select the box of listed answers, find the only answer listed and pick that. Can that be improved as well?

Thank you!