Improve the flow of Workforms within Monday (Available question types, Viewing, and Editing)

It is amazing that can integrate Workforms into boards and tables. It would exponentially improve the functionality of the forms our company if the following are addressed:

  • Additional question type options- similar to JotForm

    • Matrix questions

    • Multistep questions (to reduce complexity of necessary conditions)

    • Increased character limit/ control over character limit for long text questions

  • Improve form viewing

    • Ability to toggle visibility of unanswered questions in form response viewer/ when saving as a pdf

    • The ability to change the form order of form response view (or minimally for it to line up with the form itself vs displaying in a random order)

  • Improved form editing

    • The ability to edit a form in the same view/format as it is initially submitted (appearance of the form rather than in card view)

    • The ability to save your progress, navigate away, and return to edit/complete

    • The ability to e-sign when editing/after submission