Workforms updates in ⌛ gradual release ⌛

Introducing single-select and multi-select questions :star: :star:

We are excited to announce that these upgraded options will include some long-awaited updates that offer greater control and flexibility, for an improved user and submission experience:

:repeat: Drag and drop reordering: Seamless rearrange answer options!

:no_entry_sign: Hidden options: Hide irrelevant or unused options!

:tv: Diverse display options: Choose from a classic dropdown, list of checkboxes, or horizontally arranged checkboxes!

Where are our Workforms fans? Tell us how you feel about updates - will you be implementing these ASAP? :+1: :-1:


I love the ability to reorder or hide an option that should no longer be available to choose.

I look forward to testing the diverse display options when that feature becomes available.

@BiancaT I have yet to see any mention of the Workforms customize option in “ settings” called “Allow creating items via form”

This adds an option to use a form to create items to the New Item menu.

This menu option brings up the form as an dialog on the board view to create an item, complete with column values and required fields.

According to WorkForms settings and permissions the option in the settings “allow the form submissions to create new items on your board” which is not correct - whether its selected or not, the form creates an item.

The checkbox in fact per the tooltip do what I described above.

I know I’m piggy-backing on your announcement. But this feature is a fantastic addition that I don’t recall seeing mentioned anywhere, nor is the support article even correct about the purpose of the checkbox. If there was a way to make the form the default action on “New Item” we could enforce the use of the form for creating items, and enforce the setting of column values at creation.

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Those are all great additions and Monday is really getting better and better. Workforms are really coming along. But the game changer feature will be able to edit existing items with a monday form. Let’s say you want to enroll new customers but already know their address, no need for them to enter it again. Or simply to make a form to confirm their personnal info. etc


Is there any update when work forms will be able to get signature captures like JOT Form. In addition, have the ability to upload documents directly to specified file columns?

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Hey Kevin,

We do have a Signature Question which allows form submitters to add their signature. Is this what you’re looking for?

Additionally, if you include the file column in your form, submitters should also be able to upload files, documents etc. Let me know if I’ve misunderstood :pray:

Those features are great. Please advise when they are going to be available.

As mentioned by @Cyrille , the capability of editing an existing item will be of a very great feature and benefit.

The ability to request a signature is part of forms, however to utilize the signature in any way is not, which makes the signature capture not very useful. The screenshot I am including shows our TB Exposure annual questionnaire required for our health care providers. The sites we provide service to request a copy of the questionnaire that includes their signature.
When I previously contacted the support team regarding this, I was told that I can download each signature and then use pdf editing software to add the signature. This in not efficient for our staff to do this for over 200 employees.
This concern has been brought to the community beginning in 2022 and to my knowledge remains unresolved.

Any updates on a timeline for this feature would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @Cyrille and @bibujakera,

We have some exciting updates coming soon in reference to updating existing items through forms - keep an eye on the feature request thread here, Use Forms to edit/update existing items and columns :raised_hands:


I couldn’t agree more. Having a proper filled form view would be great, in legal means it’s important for us to have a “hard copy” of what the user submitted.

Hi Bianca,

Is the feature still on gradual release?
In our account we have these two options, but they don’t change anything…


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Thank you for flagging! I am checking with the product manager and will update you asap :pray:

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Hi @BiancaT, any update on this yet? Thanks!

Thank you for the reminder @kalleigh :pray:

I’ve checked in with the team who have confirmed that this was in-fact a bug they had been dealing with last week. Can I ask if you now have access to the feature @kalleigh @einavpeleg ? :slight_smile:

Hi @BiancaT , nope, still no option to display as checkboxes unfortunately! We’re launching our new website and were hoping to have the forms updated ahead of time, but we’ll keeping looking out for this feature. Hopefully it’s sorted soon! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear this :frowning: I will check in with our team! Just to clarify, you’re experiencing the same behaviour as before, specifically, 1) the state doesn’t change despite selecting an option and 2 the dropdown option remains greyed out?

Hi Bianca,

Still the same for us.
I’ve attached a screen capture to make sure you understand me correctly


Same here.
Thanks for the demonstration. @einavpeleg


Thank you all! I am speaking with the team and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for bearing with us :pray:

Thank you for your patience @TFaust, @kalleigh & @einavpeleg :pray:

Our team are currently working on this and aim to have a fix released by end of the week, please keep an eye out on the feature in the coming days!