Accessibility - case studies/examples/use cases/challenges

Hello Everyone, wondering if you had any experience working with a differently-abled client or team member and how your Monday automations/setup helped them?

We recently signed up a client to work on their lead generation. A process that would take them 4 hours to send 10 emails because they are differently-abled, the simple act of using the trigger helped to speed things up tremendously for them (tackled over 300 in that same time period). They are relieved as they have the use of only one hand (limited range of motion). We are working on more to help ease their workload.

What have you discovered?

Thank you!


Hey Jenny!

While we at have not yet had to work with a differently-abled client or team member, I wanted to share how glad I am you shared your experience with us! It is always amazing to see one’s potential better realized and I think your experience really speaks to’s strengths and its ability to help a client depending on their needs. I hope more people will come out if they have similar experiences with you to share!

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Thanks Giannis. I hope to see answers too.

My team and I hadn’t anticipated going into this to see the full effect of our automations. Great realisation.