Formatting or have a "tab" functionality in Docs

Formatting tabs isn’t easy in workdocs, quite difficult to structure them correctly and we can’t hit “tab” on them either.

Hey @cchu,

Would you be happy to elaborate further on the specific formatting functions you’d like to see added? Additionally in terms of tabs, are you looking to utilise tabs to jump between blocs/data in your doc? :pray:

Hi Bianca,

Thanks for following up! Overall there are some areas of opportunities to enhance the Docs product even further.

Bullet points specifically. In the example below, I am unable to format them correctly. The behavior is working as expected for the first main bullet point and 2 subsequent. What isn’t formatting is the last two “XFN Updates” and “Open Forum”. Those should be the same bullet as “RevOps”, but I’m unable to format them in the same manner. Hitting enter pushes it to what you see below. Removing the bullet and adding it back in indents to the third level.


Tabs - I used the incorrect terminology. I should have mentioned the ability to indent. I believe the above behavior could be resolved with the ability to indent as a user could in Docs or Word.


I hope this helps!

Thank you,