Formula - 'Can't divide by 0' notification once multiplier is added


Been testing ways to clean up my formula and avoid the red-exclamation-dirty-layout-kinda-thing.

Breaking down $ per year, quarter, considering the dates in the Timeline column.

This is one of the statements:
(1) IF(OR({Approx $}=“0”, {Approx $}=0, {Timeline}=“”,{Duration}=“0”), “caught”,

On the (1), I’m using “caught” only as a highlight to see if the formula is catching the items that have a missing element. You can see below that it works and gives me the workdays that are part of the Quarter and displays “caught” for the odd items:

Screenshot 2024-02-02 104616

The thing is that once I add the multiplier that will bring the $ value of the quarter, I start getting the error notification on the items that have a missing element, instead of the “caught” message.
The formula now has ({Approx $}/{Duration}) so the last line is like this:
WORKDAYS({Timeline#End},“01/01/2024”)x({Approx $}/{Duration}).

Screenshot 2024-02-02 105510

Anyone has an idea of how to clean this or what the issue might be?

Thank you.