Formula column error

I have a very simple formula here.

IF(AND({TotalTime}<=1.5,{TotalTime}>1),((1.5*{Rate})+{Extra Cost}),
IF(AND({TotalTime}<=2,{TotalTime}>1.5),((2*{Rate})+{Extra Cost}),
IF(AND({TotalTime}<=2.5,{TotalTime}>2),((2.5*{Rate})+{Extra Cost}),
IF(AND({TotalTime}<=3,{TotalTime}>2.5),((3*{Rate})+{Extra Cost}),
IF(AND({TotalTime}<=3.5,{TotalTime}>3),((3.5*{Rate})+{Extra Cost}),
IF(AND({TotalTime}<=4,{TotalTime}>3.5),((4*{Rate})+{Extra Cost}),
IF(AND({TotalTime}<=4.5,{TotalTime}>4),((4.5*{Rate})+{Extra Cost}),0)))))))

The whole idea of the formula is to round up the decimal number inputted in the “TotalTime” field to the next half or whole number and multiple the rounded number by another number (Rate) then add “Extra Cost” if such is applicable. It’s simple and it works.

The problem comes when I try to add more than 7 IF conditions, For example, the next one:
IF(AND({TotalTime}<=5,{TotalTime}>4.5),((5*{Rate})+{Extra Cost})
IF(AND({TotalTime}<=5.5,{TotalTime}>5),((5.5*{Rate})+{Extra Cost}) and so on…

It returns me the following error: “TotalTime” creates a circular dependency.

I don’t get why this is a thing after the 7th IF condition and why it creates a circular dependency.

Have anyone occurred such an error?