Formula date edit to show Date only

Just need some help on a formula field, currently it is calculating 7 days from another field which is date only. However when formula is calculated to new date, it is showing the date, time, minute etc and is too long for what we are after.
Is there a way to format the formula to only show the month and date like all other date fields?
Current formula is: ADD_DAYS({Date of Final C 'of 'O Inspection:},7)

Use the FORMAT_DATE function:

FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Date of Final C 'of 'O Inspection:},7),"MMM DD, YYYY"))

thank you but unfortunately that is coming up with an error. is there a way to find out what in the formula is causing the error?

My bad, there is an extra closing parenthesis at the end. Try removing it.

ah thank you - that works perfectly!!