Formula for Number of MONTHS to actual date?


We need to calculate results based on the number of months that have passed since a start date, basically a smarter version of this:

Number of months (since STARTDATE title actual date) * FEE = RESULT

Somehow this formula, which I think is pretty basic, cannot be found anywhere.
Doing some ‘MacGyvering’ with number of days divided by 30 is not cool enough;-)

Please Monday-Tribe, help us out!



Hi Erik,

You should be able to use the (hidden!) ‘YEARFRAC’ formula to work out the difference between your dates in years, then MULTIPLY that by 12:

MULTIPLY(YEARFRAC({Date 1}, {Date 2}),12)

You can then multiple that by your fee field.

Hope that helps and if there’s anything else we can help with, let us know!


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Thanks, Daniel! Amazing how fast and friendly you are!

Oh, and I would add INT + () around your formula to get rounded numbers of months!:wink:

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