Get Number of Months from start date

Hi There,

have anyone tried to get the numbers of months from a start date?


So you are going to input a start date that is X months in the future and you want to X to generate?

What do you want to do with the number of months? Does it need to work into a notification or some sort of automation? Or is it just visual?

If its just visual, then a formula column could probably achieve this. If you need to build another automation or notification based off the number of months, then you will need to use apps like General Caster or Integromat/Zapier.

Provide some more details of what you’re trying to achieve and I’ll see if I can provide more specifics on how to build this.


Hi Andrew!,

we have a Start date like NordicWorkflow 18 May, 2021 and just want to use a formula to count how many months has passed since that date

Right now we have this for counting days

if({Opstart}, if({Terminate date}, ROUNDUP(Days({Terminate date}, {Opstart}), 0), “{Days since start}”), “Days”)


In that case, I would just modify your current formula to account for Months. Some math to convert the days to months should work.

Or you could incorpate the functions TODAY and MONTH to compare the Start Date to the current date and return the difference between those.

Hope this helps!

We tried to convert the days but it keeps sending errors and are really stuck now


I find that trying to build more complicated formulas in the Monday formula column leads to errors just based on formatting since its such a small area to work in. If you haven’t already, I would suggest writing out the formulas in a word document or something similar. This also allows you to save iterations in case something breaks and you need to go back.

If you would, please share your current formula as well as the columns being used and I’ll see if I can recreate it and test on my end.