Formula Column to Calculate Number of Months Left from a Date Column

Hi All,

I am trying to come up with a formula column that displays the number of months from a due date.

So in my case I have a Contract start date and a Contract End date and I would like to display nest to it ‘Months Left’ so my sales guys can get in-front of the customer for renewal early before the contract expires.

many thanks for any insights.

Hey @GoldNetAU - Can you share with us how you have your board set up?

I wonder if we are looking at a combination of:

Function: DAYS
Description: Returns the number of days between the two dates
Example: DAYS({end date column name, start date column name}) => diff between dates in days

And then format it inside:

Function: MONTH
Description: Returns the month of a given date.
Example: MONTH({created at}) => 7

Let me know what you think