Formula help with IF function as well as AND function


This has been very frustrating. Pretty much anything to do with subtracting, I can not get to work. I tried to do a simple work around and that is not working. I think sticking with the work around is easy, here is the formula, what am I doing wrong here. The first two IF formulas work but the third one does not.

IF({400 Club Payment}=“PAID”,(400+{Company Portion}),IF({400 Club Payment}=“Not Paid”,{Company Portion}),
IF({400 Club Payment}=“PAID”,AND({Recruiter Paid}=“Yes”,(300+{Company Portion}))))

I would greatly appreciate any help.


The biggest issue in your formula is how the AND() is being used. I also think that avoiding nested IFs is advisable whenever possible. Here’s how I would do it:

IF(AND({400 Club Payment} = "PAID", {Recruiter Paid} <> "Yes"), 400 + {Company Portion}, 0)
+ IF(AND({400 Club Payment} = "Not Paid", {Recruiter Paid} <> "Yes"), {Company Portion}, 0)
+ IF(AND({400 Club Payment} = "PAID", {Recruiter Paid} = "Yes"), 300 + {Company Portion}, 0)

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