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Trying to have multiple AND’s in an IF to reflect status and boundary between values. simple version below:

if(and(and({Area}=“NPG”,{Power Required}>10),{Power Required}<1000),610,“XX”))
i.e. if status is X and value is between A and B then it will cost us Y

thought that it may not work because AND returned true or false. so tried but still no luck
if(and(and({Area}=“NPG”,{Power Required}>10)=1,{Power Required}<1000),610,“XX”))

eventually want this to be a nested function for 8 different AREAs and power requirements.

any help to get this working would be great.



AND() can evaluate more than 2 conditions and for this case, do not need to be nested. Also, I have experienced issues with some functions if they are not given in all caps. The biggest issue with your syntax is that one of your “)” is in the wrong place. Try This:
IF(AND({Area} = "NPG", {Power Required} > 10, {Power Required} < 1000), 610, "XX")

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