Coming Or and And functions within If

I have tried multiple formula options to try and get the end result but I can’t seem to figure out how to either combine if/and/or together or the does not equal option.

Here is the formula closest to what I am trying to achieve:

IF(AND({Group ID}<>{Group ID},{Status}=“Assigned”,“Update”)

Basically, if these two columns aren’t the same and the status is assigned then tell me to update them.

Can anyone help with this?

Hi @cfrancis-scofield

Try this

IF(AND({Group ID 1}<>{Group ID 2}, {Status}="Assigned" ),"Update" , "")

Thank you but that still doesn’t work. For some reason the <> isn’t working.

Hi @cfrancis-scofield

That is strange, I just tried the formula on my end and it seems to work fine.

FY here it is once again

IF(AND({Group ID 1}<>{Group ID 2}, {Status}="Assigned" ),"Update" , "")

Do you have 2 columns setup on Monday with the names “Group ID 1” and “Group ID 2”?

If possible, could you share a screenshot of the error you are receiving?

See image here. It looks like it isn’t erroring anymore put when tested it doesn’t return back “Update” when the two columns don’t match.

In the image you shared I can see that both columns are named as “Group ID”

Please rename them to “Group ID 1” and “Group ID 2” and check whether the error still persists?

This fixed it, thank you!

Great to hear! :grinning: