Using IF Formula with multiple columns string

Hello Community!

I’m hunting (will continue my search) to create a formula that can help? :slight_smile:

I’m stating the logic of what I’m trying to do below so appreciate a formula string that can meet this. Thanks very much! I’ve never done a multiple string formula so I’m improving my formula writing as I build my Monday board. Thank you very much!

IF Column_A is not equal to “X”

AND/OR?? (not sure which)

If Column_A is not equal to “Y”

(AND/OR??) not sure which

IF Column_B >0, give me a “1”, otherwise give me a blank

Hi Rich,

Would be something like this:


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@GCavin Thank you very much Gavin, that worked!:muscle:…as a follow-on are we able to use “OR” in place of the AND??

Sure, you can replace AND by OR and if you need to combine both, you’ll have to do something like this:


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@GCavin Thank you very much!! :+1:

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