IF Statement Help

Hello, I am creating a rather simple “IF” Statement, however it does not seem to be working. I looked through the discussions, but can’t find an answer. The "IF statement is as follows:


So, If the column “SAM” has a label “M”, it should return a “Yes” and if the column does not have that Label selected, it should be a “No”. The column Sam has 3 labels “S”, “A”, “M”. I am creating a form for a 1st grade spelling assessment and I want to be able to see which letters the student knows vs. not knows.

When I set the formula, it defaults to “NO”, even though the column has that label in it. Is it because if I select more than option - the student knows both “A” and “M” - it does not know (or I don’t know) how to correctly write it?

I did find a solution from the Monday Guy that has the IF and Search to determine a value out of many, but I can’t figure out how to re-write it.

Thank you for your kind replies!

I think I may have solved it myself - if someone would like to validate or tell me a better way?

IF(FIND(“M”, {Sam}) >= 1, “✓”, “”)

Hi Christina,



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