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Hello I have a nested formula below, whicnI want to return a yes or nothing. However I cannot get it to work. I have tried with IF, IF(AND, but cannot get the result I need. Any help appreciated.

FYI - all columns referenced are check boxes, except for last two which are status

IF ({App Form}=TRUE, {Costume}=TRUE, {Costume}=TRUE, {In Keeping}=TRUE {Num Students}=TRUE, {3mins}=TRUE, {Disciplines}=TRUE, {Rules}=TRUE, {Tap}=Yes, {Status}=Yes,“Yes”," ")


This should do it:

IF(AND({App Form}, {Costume}, {In Keeping}, {Num Students}, {3mins}, {Disciplines}, {Rules}, {Tap}="yes", {Status}="Yes"), "Yes", "")

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That’s great thanks you very much for taking the time.

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