Checkboxes and Nested Formulas

Hello, I’m trying to created a nested formula with checkboxes where the following should happen:

If {checkbox1} is checked AND {checkbox2} is checked, then {formula_column} = to 0.10 of {total_contract}, IF {checkbox1} is checked AND {checkbox2} is NOT checked, then {formula_column} = “NOT YET”, IF {checkbox1} is NOT checked, then {formula_column} =“DOESN’T APPLY”

See below what I have so far, but I got an error:

IF((AND({checkbox1},{checkbox2}),0.10*{Total Contract}),IF(AND({checkbox1},{checkbox2}=FALSE),"NOT YET))

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


This should do it:

IF({checkbox1}, IF({checkbox2}, 0.10*{Total Contract}, "NOT YET"), "DOESN'T APPLY")

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@JCorrell, It worked!! Thank you so much! You ARE the Monday Man :slight_smile:

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