Formula help

Hi, need help with a formula. I’m new to formulas, and trying to set up an excel sheet with formulas into Monday.

I have set up three number colums, and one formula colum at the end. In the formula colum I need to use both sum and minus, and collect the date from the three colums.

In excel it looks like this: =(N16+R16)-P16. For example =(2000+40)-60=1980. But when I try the same set up in the formula by choosing the correct colums from the list, and use sum and minus, it doesn’t work.

Can someone please help me with this set up?

Hi @maria.rydeng,

You may want to post your actual formula so that we can troubleshoot it. It should look like this:


although you don’t need to use SUM and MINUS. This will work as well:


Hi thanks. Doesn’t look like is calculates it correctly.
But maybe the problem is furture down the spreadsheet.
In excel I have this formel: =L16-(L16M16). Looks like this =50000-(5000020%)=40000

The closes I have got to set this up is like this: MINUS(MULTIPLY({L16},{M16}),{L16}) but then the answer is -40 000,- not +40 000.

Anyway to solve this?

You’ve got your arguments of the minus function reversed. Try: