Simple formula not working

Hello! I want to subtract the result of two formulas, but it’s not working for any reason I don’t understand!

First, I used: {C1} - {C2}.
Then: SUM({C1}) - SUM({C2})
Also ROUND({C1} - {C2},2 )

Where C1 and C2 are Formulas columns in €.

The result is always equal to C1 value, it’s like if nothing is being subtracted.

Any ideas please?


Did you try MINUS({C1},{C2})

Sorry for the late replay, yes, I tried and worked.
The problem was other though… amauteur me there were two columns with the same name and Monday was going nuts!!! I used the MINUS formula though, very clear. Did the job. Thanks a lot.

Ah yes that would do it!