Sum in Formula not working

Hi There, I have a formula that won’t provide a Sum at the bottom. I want to be able to show this Sum on a Dashboard using numbers, but it is just showing up $0.

@JCorrell Not sure you could help?

Could you post the formula itself as well?

It really will help understand whats happening in the formula. You can change the names of the columns when you paste it. Also do list what types the columns are because sometimes there can be odd interactions.

example without the true labels:


Basically the value is coming from AA and/or BB from a mirrored text columns (when I did mirrored number columns the formula showed no value). The value appears when this is done, just is showing $0 in the sum.

Well thats the issue! Its mirroring text, not numbers, so it cant sum text.

Try the following with mirror of numbers. My suspicion is that your original formula with numbers (not text) was appending "" before or after the number which it can’t handle the concatenation of a number with a string. This is more of an IF...ELSE type formula.


This seems to show the sum value now, except in the formula cell is does not show the $ anymore. However I am about to add on a dozen more services and I think the dashboard analytics now with the Sum is sufficient. Thank you!

Yup, this isn’t surprising. The formula column has more than a few quirks, thats for sure.

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