Mirrored Columns in Formulas

I have a board with 3 mirrored columns. I need to be able to SUM these columns in a formula. I can do that if they are filled with some numbers, but I get an error if one is blank? Suggestions?

Hi Wyrobot. I have created an example and I was able to sum up 3 mirrored columns with some columns without values. I have used the sum function available in the formula column. Strange the error you are getting. This operation should be straightforward.

Below the board I have configured:

Let me try this again. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, but if a field is blank, there’s an error.

Here’s a related example - I have a simple IF statement - e.g. If the Days column is blank or = to “”, then enter “is zero” - just a simple placeholder, but I get an error.

The three referenced columns are indeed number type columns?

This is strange. I did something similar on my side with different results:

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

I think you should reach out Monday support to take a closer look in your board.