Formula: Multiple conditions to display "YES" or "NO"

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This may have already been answered before, but I wanted to see how I can design a formula where if and only if “EL Signed”, “941’s Rec’d”, and “ERC Calcs Rec’d” has a date inputted. Display “YES” in the Info Complete? Column and if there are no date in either one of these column display “NO.”

This is the current formula I am using, but it is incorrect as it displays “TRUE” or “FALSE”:

IF(AND({EL Signed} = “”, {941’s Rec’d} = “”, {ERC Calcs Rec’d} = “”, {Info Complete?}= “YES”, “NO”))


Try: IF(AND({EL Signed}, {941’s Rec’d}, {ERC Calcs Rec’d}), "YES", "NO")

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You are Awesome Jim, I have been watching your videos on Youtube and they have been very useful!
Thank you!

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