Formula Struggle

Hi guys. Hoping someone can help me with this, probably something small I’m doing wrong but I’m a noob.

I’m trying to get a formula going, I currently have this which works great:


But I need to also check different {Quantity} values & {Screens} values & multiply by a different figure. This is where I’m running into issues!

I have tried this:


but doesn’t seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Since your conditions are mutually exclusive, this should work:

IF(AND({Quantity}>=20, {Quantity}<=29, {Screens}=1), {Quantity}*1.2, 0) + 
IF(AND{Quantity}>=100, {Quantity}<=199, {Screens}=1), {Quantity}*0.44, 0)

But since you really have only 2 situations, this should work too:

IF(AND({Quantity}>=20, {Quantity}<=29, {Screens}=1), {Quantity}*1.2, {Quantity}*0.44, 0)

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Jim, you’re a :musical_note: LEGEND :musical_note:. Thanks v much, I really appreciate it.


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