Formula to check against other items


Is it possible to have a formula that can compare the value of multiple items? Say you have a board with two items on it and I wanted to check if the item name on Item 1 is the same as Item 2.

If not, can this be custom coded?

Hi, @jdss2222 - Welcome to the community! You cannot do this with native monday automations, however, you can do a search and check like this with Integromat. Let me know if you would like some help with this.

Why not? Maybe I’ve misunderstood the question, but with the = operator you can compare values of different columns in the formula.
Something like:

IF({Column1} = {Column2}, "yes", "no")

Hi @rob - Perhaps I misunderstood the question. @jdss2222 are you wanting to compare column values or rows (Items) to each other?


Yes - I assumed the question was to ensure uniqueness across multiple items, not columns within the same record. @jdss2222 can you confirm?

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I think the formula @rob mentioned should work @jdss2222 . Try it out and report back! There may be some other ways to get at what you want, but I don’t think custom coding is necessary.


From a theoretical perspective, you could add a board link column and link the board to itself. Then use mirror columns to refer to the linked items.

Depending on exactly what you are looking to accomplish, this might work. Otherwise, you would probably need to go with something along the lines of what @PolishedGeek suggested.

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Thanks so much for all the awesome feedback @rob @PolishedGeek @mark.anley @JCorrell @JulieLucidDay !

So we are trying to compare multiple items, not just columns on one item. More like a duplicate check for contacts in a CRM. Something along the lines of give me all items with the same name. We found a way to manually check it with a bar graph view but it would be great on the main table.

Integromat can help you with this use case @jdss2222. We have done this for checking for accidental duplicates and recently for an eCommerce store that wants to have cross-linking automated within a board by searching for orders made for the same customer. Very achievable with Integromat.

If you would like to chat with me and one of my automation experts on Zoom to get some help with this, you can book a free 30 minute strategy session here: Book a call with Polished Geek: Do more with monday․com

Hi everyone - I wanted to share the good news that there is a feature in early testing now to merge duplicates in your monday board! I’ve been testing it out and it’s very promising. There are still some missing features before we recommend using it for most clients, but very exciting to see that soon this will no longer require an external tool or app.

:tada::tada::tada: Amazing Deb, while I haven’t tested myself I’ve been anxiously awaiting this! Great news and thanks for the update.