Check for Duplicate Items

Hello, this seems to me like a very common use case so I imagine this feature already exists I’m just not sure how to program it.

What I want to do: I want to be able to enter a new pulse into a board and have an automation run in the background that will check to see if that pulse name already exists in another board of mine.

Purpose of this: To avoid entering the same pulse twice across different boards without knowing I’ve done so.

I essentially need a way to know if something I am entering into a preliminary list (board name) is already on my master list (different board), and if it is maybe there is a column I can add where it would change status to “duplicate” or something like that?

Thank you for your help!

Hi there!

While that functionality doesn’t currently exist on the platform, I’m curious if you could use a cross board automation on the main board to create items on your private task board. One recipe could be “when person is assigned to X create item on board” Would this work for you?


Hmm I’m really just looking to have a duplicate checker is my problem.

No work-arounds you can think of?