Formula to count Employee Tenure in years and months


I have been trying to tweak some of the formulas I created and ones that the Monday support team have given.

Issue is I wanted to count the tenure of an employee.

Start Date (Date Column) : November 4, 2019
End Date (Formula Column: TODAY()

Formula used so far are:

  1. This gives an answer of 1yr and 9 months instead of just 8 months
    ROUND(DAYS({End Date}, {Start Date}) / 365, 0) & " years " & ROUND(MOD(DAYS({End Date}, {Start Date}), 365) / 28, 0) & " months"

  2. This gives an Illegal Formula Error
    CONCATENATE((ROUNDDOWN((DAYS({End Date},{Start Date})/30.4)/12,0)),” years”,” “, (ROUNDDOWN((((DAYS({End Date},{Start Date})/30.4)/12)-(ROUNDDOWN((DAYS({End Date},{Start Date})/30.4)/12,0)))12,0)),” months”)*

Here are more examples using the first formula

Where should I tweak or is should I use a different formula?

Thank you Monday Community for the support! They’ve responded to my emails quickly!

Here it is people!

CONCATENATE((ROUNDDOWN((DAYS({End Date},{Start Date})/30.4)/12,0))," years"," “, (ROUNDDOWN((((DAYS({End Date},{Start Date})/30.4)/12)-(ROUNDDOWN((DAYS({End Date},{Start Date})/30.4)/12,0)))*12,0)),” months")

Hope this helps!