Formula to sum 4 hour columns and display as HH:MM

So as the title says, I’m trying to use formula to sum 4 different hour columns and to display it in HH:MM format.

I have asked the AI assistant but it’s suggestions doesn’t work.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Sampsa,

This is not a simple feat, but here is the formula for 2:

CONCATENATE(INT(SUM(LEFT({Hour},2),Left({Hour 1},2))+SUM(Right({Hour},2),Right({Hour 1},2))/60),":",MOD(SUM(LEFT({Hour},2),Left({Hour 1},2))+SUM(Right({Hour},2),Right({Hour 1},2))/60,1)*60)

You “just” need to customize it to include 4. Hope it helps.


Curious to know how that same formula would look in the Advanced Formula Booster, the 3rd party app that makes it so easy to write formulas, does not use the Formula column but rather can write to any type of columns?

Since the Advanced Formula Booster doesn’t use the formula column, we created a Hour column called Total Hours and used it as the target for the formula:

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Awesome, thanks! This worked well.