Column Summary for Formulas with Words

I’d like for my formula column to both be able to display units in each row (in this case, hours) and still show the total in the column summary. Is that possible?

Here’s my formula:

CONCATENATE(ROUND({Target Length}/60, 1)," Hours")

And here’s what the column looks like currently:

Thank you!

Hey Riley!

Unfortunately, I do think the words are throwing off the column sum function.

If you’d like to add a custom unit and see it still reflected in the sum, I would suggest using a Numbers Column next to the Formula Column and manually entering the same info and then putting “hours” in the custom unit column settings.

Here is how that looked in my own board with a Numbers Column:

Thanks Charlotte! Really only looking for an automated solution, so for now I think I’ll opt to have the formula work without adding the text. Would be nice to have this feature added, though!