Formulas - {Person#Names}

I’m trying to create a formula column that uses a basic IF > Then function and incorporates what I found in the list of selections, {Person#Names}

If {budget} > 75000 then {Person#Names}. I can’t find anything that documents how to use this but my assumption would be that within that IF>Then, it should places a named user in that column based o the result
Example IF {budget} > 75000 THEN {Marc} ELSE {Chris}

the syntax fails and i cant find anything to help explain how to solve the issue.


The basic way that monday formulas work is that the formula value is calculated and then displayed in the column where the formula resides. It is only calculated when it is displayed and it is not stored. There is no direct way to change the value of another column using a formula.

There are potential workarounds using custom automations by way of Make/Integromat or similar. Or by using the General Caster app available in the monday app marketplace.

However, in this particular situation you could probably use a custom automation to achieve your goal. Something like this:

You might need to add more than one of these depending on the details.

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Did that solve your issue?

about 50%…
it gets to a solution.
but was trying to get an understanding of the {person#names} function available. and how that could be useful in the future. Some of the monday contacts went with the simple text based if, then, else statement to put a name in the column, but it’s just text and not a usable “person” value.

Kinda obsessively nerding out a little bit trying to learn some of the particulars.