Formulas wont work

What is wrong with this formula? I am good with excel, but cannot figure why this is not working in Monday? Can someone help? “Who Installed Job” is a Status.

IF(({Who Installed Job}=“In House”,(({Design Time}50+{Prod. Time}50+{IN HOUSE Inst. Time}50))+(({L/F Used1}{Cost / LF 1})+({L/F Used 2}{Cost / LF2})+({L/F Used3}{Cost/LF3})+({L/F Used4}{Cost/LF4})+({L/F Used5}{Cost/LF5})+({L/F Used6}*{Cost/LF6}))),“Help”)

Hey Tom,

It would be helpful if you could share a brief screenshot of your set up so we gather a bit more visual context and replicate it on our end? :pray: