Trouble with formula to track PTO/Vacation/Sick Accrual

Hello, I need help figuring out why my formulas are not working.
I am attempting to track the total accruals of PTO hours and cannot get my formula to work.
I have a hire date column (date column), today column (date column), accrual rate column (numbers) and a total accrual (formula column).

I want to calculate the difference in months between the hire date and today’s date and then have that number multiplied by the Accrual Rate.

This is the formula chat gpt tried: =IF(TODAY() > {Hire Date}, (TODAY() - {Hire Date}) * {Accrual Rate}, 0)

Nothing is working. Anyone else have success?

Hey @SusanBrokhin,

Can you try this formula?

(ROUND(DIVIDE(DAYS({Hire date},TODAY()),30),1) & " months")*{Accural rate}

Let me know how you go :pray: