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:white_check_mark: CarbonTO-DO - A FREE Automated Task Management Workspace

What is CarbonTO-DO and why did we create it?

The CarbonTO-DO Suite is an automated task management system built entirely within the frameworks of monday, with 3 boards, a dashboard, more than a dozen automations, and countless views to visualize work however you need.

CarbonWeb built the CarbonTO-DO Suite based on more than 4 years of experience using monday for managing all of our work both internally and externally. As channel partners, we seeks to provide immediate value to anyone that touches the platform, and the TO-DO Suite is our way of doing just that, and it’s completely FREE! Install it now →

Saving you time and money

For starters, the CarbonTO-DO Suite is 100% free and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Why? Task management is seen as the most basic use-case for monday, but we would argue its the most essential aspect of any business. Due to this fact, we want to put a complete system in the hands of every user on the platform.

There’s another piece, we added in the Embed Anything view, which like any other embed app, enables you to embed virtually anything into monday (currently only items). Why’s this a big deal? Because there are more than 40 different apps on the marketplace charging for embedding a single software, with our app you can do the exact same thing for FREE! Learn more about Embed Anything →

A system like this could run a company thousands of dollars do develop, and we’re giving it out free in hopes to expose the entire userbase to effective workflow solutions. Having a ledger of all the work your team completes throughout the day ensures accountability, but also saves time and helps drill-down to the most essential tasks on a daily basis, and don’t worry we automatically indicate any overdues! Learn more →

So, What’s Included?

:computer: EMBED ANYTHING (Board)

Copy-paste any URL from anywhere online, then embed it into your monday Items (and Sub-items!) Say goodbye to all those individual embedding apps; we’re giving you the same functionality for FREE!

:books: Projects (Board)

Visually plan and roadmap projects with your team the way you want and keep everyone in sync.

:open_book: Breakdowns (Board)

Break large projects into manageable items while tracking dependencies and status. Create templates to save time when you have recurring work and link tasks in the Tasks board.

:memo: Tasks (Board)

Encourage your team to work together while managing their tasks in one place. Track any work, from tasks linked in your project boards to meetings, client work, internal and personal tasks. This is the heart of the system, where a majority of the automations and a personal task dashboard view live.

:mag_right: Team Overview (Dashboard)

Customizable dashboard to track times, visualize performance, and get insights into your team’s task breakdown

How to access the app?

Since it’s free, there’s not much you need to do, head to the apps marketplace, search “to-do”, “carbon”, or “tasks” and you will see it front and center! Click and install! Or you can click here to install it now (if you are an admin).

Extra Info

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