Full release: New Export Gantt to PDF feature!

New feature update…:sparkles: Export Gantt to PDF :sparkles:

This month we are bringing to you a new and improved Gantt widget export experience! The exported PDF will display the entire Gantt chart without certain parts being cut off - even allowing you to scroll through the finished export for the complete experience!

To note:

  • Currently, there is a limit of 300 items in one export.

  • Depending on the width of the screen, there is a limit in the timeframe that is supported in the Gantt, this will be between 2-6 years.

We will be gradually releasing this feature so keep an eye out :eyes:

How do you feel about this feature update? We want to hear your feedback!


How soon will this be available please, will it be in month March 2023?

Is there an ETA on this feature?

Hi @hrix and @palford,

I’ve just reached out to our Product Team for a release update! Stay tuned :smile:

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Thanks @BiancaT

Thanks for your patience, I have just received an update from our product team - this feature will be fully released to all accounts before the end of the month so do keep an eye out in the next few weeks! CC @hrix :blush:

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@BiancaT Dear Bianca, this is so perfect for us and I think for many other people :slight_smile:
Please let me know, as we are on an EU server, if the ETA will be the same as for other users?


We are so glad to hear this (and are also very excited for the release)!

That said, I believe the ETA is the same across all accounts in all regions however I will double check for you and circle back here if the ETA is different :slight_smile:

Dear Bianca and team, what do you mean by a limit of 300 items? What do you count as items?
We are currently getting only error prompts that “Gantt exceeds supported width for PDF export”.
When are you planning to increase this limit?
PDF does not need to be limited to A4 page…Hope that this update can be released fast to relief our team from the numerous complaints.
PS: Test with 2-3 entries looks great though! Much more professional than the previous spreadsheet view.


Thanks for your feedback :pray: I have shared your questions up with our product team and will circle back here when I have some answers for you. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Hey @YERIO, I have recently heard back from our product team who have responded with the following details :slight_smile:

We have recently updated the item limit to 640 items which includes subitems and any other item included in the export (not items filtered out).

As for the width, this isn’t something we are planning on increasing this at this time, however there are a few ways you can workaround this:

  • Collapsing the workspace left-hand pane will also increase the width
  • Collapsing the gantt left hand pane (where names/items are listed will increase the width)
  • The size of the widget will affect the width- widget should be docked for full size
  • Users can zoom out on the window to increase the width

Finally, regarding limiting PDF to A4 page, are you referring to the document exporting on multiple pages? If so, I am afraid this this supported at this time, however something they might consider developing later down the track.

Hope this information helps!!

Thank you for the workarounds @BiancaT
Hopefully this will be solved in the near future, as the subitems and tasks are not shown when the left pane is hidden, and we can only see the information within the Gantt.
Looking forward to the future evolutions and making this cleaner.

Side note, the dependencies between tasks are omitted when exported. Is this planned to be supported in the future?

Thank you once again


Thanks for your understanding @YERIO! Regarding dependencies, I have followed up with our developer team and transparently this isn’t on our immediate roadmap, however we do encourage you to submit this as a feature request so that we can grow visibility and votes to get this on their radar. Every quarter we take the features with the top votes to our development team for a response :pray:

has this feature been released yet?

Yes! This feature has been fully released :+1:

It seems to currently cut the page at the fold - is this just a screenshot exported to PDF? Is there a way to get a full project if it happens to be multiple screens in length?

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Hey @msaunders, there are a few limitations regarding the export.


  • There is a limit on the width of the gantt that is supported in an export- the limit depends on screen resolution, and is between 3-6 years. If the gantt widget width is narrower, this will affect the width- to achieve max width, we encourage you to have the gantt docked.

  • The Gantt will be auto-fitted as part of the export to be able to capture the most info in the gantt, meaning that the zoom scale may change during the export- e.g. if users are using ‘month’ scale, it may change to ‘quarter’.

Additionally at this time, the export doesn’t include multiple pages. That said, the team will consider developing later down the track and based on user feedback :pray: Thanks for your understanding in advance!

This a great update, any chance we can export a PDF without the groups expanded?

Hey @AndreaNZSIR,

If I am understanding correctly, you should be able to close the groups using the arrow outlined in the screenshot below prior to exporting:

Is this what you’re referring to? :slight_smile:

No, I mean this one to the left. If you have the groups in collapsed view, when you click ‘export to PDF’ it will automatically expand them all and print the expanded view.