Gantt chart containing timeline in mirrored column not showing on shareable links and dashboards

I have 2 Boards

  1. Main board which has a lot of events and activities with timelines. This is our annual calendar and each team has a group to add their own events to it
  2. Single group board - this has all the same events in a single group so that we can sort the list by dates irrespective of group. It is a workaround. This list is populated through an automation on the main board which creates an item on this board for each item on the main board. I have a number of mirrored columns on this board including timeline and category.

I can see the list correctly on the Board as well as on the Gantt chart view. However if I try to create a shareable link of the Gantt chart, all I see is a blank canvas.

What I have tried

  • I have tried the create a Dashboard on the second board with a gantt chart (which works) but the shareable link for this dashboard does not.
  • A shareable link of the Gantt chart on the main board works fine, but it does not meet my requirements as the events are grouped by team on that view.
  • Both Boards are Shareable so that type of board does not seem to be the issue. I have nevertheless tried to convert the second board to a main board with the same results.
    Is there a limitation where a Gantt chart created with mirrored columns is not shareable?

For now I am arranging for someone to export a PDF of the view I want, but this is not a long-term solution.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Hey @DipaliPatankar,

Sorry to hear this :confused:

I think I know what the issue is however - I am afraid in order to maintain the privacy and security of data within those mirrored columns, when a board is shared or broadcasted, the mirror columns will not appear. You can find this information under the limitations section of this articel → I apologise for the setback here :pray:

If it’s possible to invite those you’re looking to share the board with as guests or viewers in the account, we recommend this alternative.

Hi Bianca. Thanks for your quick response. I want to be able to broadcast the board so the solution does not work. Do you have other suggestions?

I understand.

If you’d like to broadcast the view, I am afraid that if these are mirrored columns, they cannot be broadcasted and there is no native way to workaround this, unless you were to invite users into the account to view this information :confused:

I will share this with our team internally and update you if any changes in the near future :pray: