Gantt charts are no longer available as 'Board View' only as a 'Widget View'

In what feels like a backwards step, Gantt charts are no longer available as a ‘Board View’, they will only appear as a ‘Widget View’. This is a little frustrating as older boards I have in my account will use the Board View whereas any new boards I create will only have the Gantt as a Widget.

I much prefer the ‘old’ Board View as it utilises the whole screen rather than the pop up widget view with its limited use of screen real estate. I also think it is misleading keeping the Gantt as an option on the ‘+ Add View’ as it will now only add a widget. I actually thought this was a bug and raised a support call this morning, however i am told this is expected behaviour.

I’m posting this here in the hope that others agree and the full Gantt board view is reinstated!!