Views 2.0 Alpha Group

We want to invite you to join the early-access group for a brand new feature- Views 2.0! :star_struck:

It’s a major upgrade to our board views that will enable you to:
-Put charts, timelines, and other widgets together on one board view
-Work with subitems on your board views
-Share these board views with anyone using a link

We’d love for you to try this out ahead of everyone else and share your feedback. If you’re up for joining the alpha group, please fill out this quick form: Views 2.0 Alpha Group


Hi - We’re loving the Views 2.0! Quick question - the Chart widgets available for the “Start from Scratch” board views are missing a few options that are available on standard Dashboard chart widgets. What’s the anticipated timeline for these to merge into one consistent Chart widget that has all the same features, no matter where you are in the platform?

1 Like has this gone live? I notice that trying to add a Gantt view to a board it now appears as a widget in a dashboard.

If so, some feedback from us is that we have now lost the full screen (like TV mode) from the board view, so when we share our screen with clients they still see the browser window chrome. Would it be possible to make the view truly full screen?

2 Likes please could you update on whether the views 2.0 has gone live now? Unable to create a gantt view, the only option is a gantt widget.

The new views are released now! You should be able to add widgets now which are exactly like the views but allow you to add more then 1 per view.