Baseline now available on the Gantt View & Widget

We are proud to share that you can now add a Baseline on your Gantt views & widgets in order to have a snapshot of the original timeline that was set and any changes that came afterwards.

Take a look at this quick video on how it works:

Learn more about this feature in this awesome article: The Gantt chart baseline

We are excited to see this feature being used to make better team decisions but of course this is not the end, we will continue to add more features to the Gantt this year.

P.S. If you don’t see this option on your Gantt view/widget email us at so we can enable it for you.


Fantastic, love the Baseline, it’s very useful for us to show clients at what points the project was delayed and by which stakeholder.


Seeing the Milestones in Gantt is useful too, I would love to be able to make automations that call on milestones (e.g. “when Milestone date arrives”) to notify a manager that an invoice needs to be sent at that point.