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Hi All,

Gantt chart is awesome!
But Gantt view should have a simple display comparing this new due date to the original one, giving us a great Baseline view. This would be a great addition to the Project Progress screen.

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@V-Marie This might not be a perfect solution for what you need, but you could just create a second timeline column “Actual” that would show in the Gantt alongside the baseline. It’s not completely user-friendly because you can’t make the two distinct in any way (like different colors or names) but it would at least show both.

Hi @V-Marie ! Olivia here from Great question – we will be releasing a Baseline checkbox on the Gantt view at some point this Q. Stay tuned!

I have tested the baseline view and it is pretty sweet! My only issue is the clutter it adds to the boards (an additional 3 columns per baseline). Other than that, its pretty sweet! Maybe something to keep in mind @okennis as this evolves is to make it a bit more hidden…