Trying to get a portfolio view

I am trying out Monday for a client. They have a program which of course has related projects or as they call them, workstreams. What they would like is the ability to put these three projects in a portfolio within Monday, then bring up a view that shows the milestones from each workstream. So then they’d be able to see the interrelation of the workstreams, the milestone dates, dependencies, etc. Can Monday do this and if so, how?

hi @jpas1954 welcome to the monday community!

the use case you describe is definitely doable within I would recommend starting with dependency columns and a gantt chart view with either 3 boards (1 for each workstream) or 1 board (with workstreams spaced into different groups).

If you go the 3 boards route then the ‘portfolio’ view would be accomplished by using the gantt/timeline widget on a dashboard. here is a little more on the gantt view: Introducing the brand new Gantt view! | Blog

Hope that helps!

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Before I spend time trying to figure out your program AND this view, can you do it so I can see if it looks how I want it to look? With milestones?

Greetings. I got away from this a little bit. I made SOME progress. I simplified things by creating two fake projects each with a couple of activities. (I wanted to have them as milestones but despite what your help section said, nothing in the pop-up calendar allowed for this.)

You’ll see that in your view (dashboard view) the two projects seem somewhat jumbled together. I had to name the tasks according to their respective projects or I couldn’t distinguish them. Mobile app development was also separated into Initiating and Planning but those headings don’t show up anywhere.

As a reminder, I’m still trying to make it look like the ‘Portfolio’ attachment. I could then drill each project down to its milestones and see how they’re integrated, cross-dependencies, etc but still view them as separate entities.

Hi @jpas1954

just to clarify I don’t work for, I am just a heavy user and a consultant who helps folks with their setup. Monday doesn’t offer onboarding or consulting directly, so there are a handful of folks like me who come in and help folks here on the community forum and are also available for hire for more complex setups, and best practice consulting.

sounds like you are on the right track with your setup. But there are a couple settings which you can change in the gantt to make things a little more readable. See attached a quick sample I created with timelines grouped by project. I think this should be on the lines of what you are looking for. You can see the dependencies. and timelines of everything working together.

This is a simple set up for demo purposes. This consists of three different boards. If you want something more connected you could have 1 master board of ‘activities’ and then assigne each activity to a Project board via a ‘connected boards’ column. This would give you greater flexibility for setting dependencies between projects. But would take a little more setup.

Also to set a milestone check the box at bottom of calendar popup when setting a date:
Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 11.36.08 AM

Ah, I see. That’s not atypical of a lot of places. Well, I appreciate the help. I’m pretty familiar with MS Project et al but new to Monday. For my part, I’m just trying to figure out for a customer whether their investment in Monday will play out. I came into it knowing Gantt charts, etc. but am trying to navigate this new terrain. Anyway, thanks, and if any further questions I’ll go through the support method (which may lead back to you anyway sometimes I suppose.) If I figure all this out, it may be helpful to know there are paid experts out there.

right on, happy to help. good luck with your client, and let me know if you do need any further assistance in your setup, either through this channel or as a consulting engagement.


Will do. Unclear yet which way they’ll go. Good company, slow decision-makers. As mentioned, they already have Monday. I think you’ve proven it can do at least some of what they want. But the decision will have to come sometime this summer for sure. Thanks again.


I finally got the attention of the manager I’m working with. You created this for me… He was wondering if integration points between projects can be created. You can advise yes/no or send it if you wish. I’m lobbying to bring someone in if we go Monday but we’re not there yet.

Hey Jim,

yes you could definitely configure integration points / dependencies between projects.

Sounds like a plan, let me know if anything comes up and you do need help setting up monday for your client.

Best of luck!

I will have a license from them in a bit. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

PS; I wonder if you could point me to the steps you took to get to this place. I will recreate and go from there. I had notes from you and someone else so I am not sure how to recreate this.


Still working on this. Let me know what your rates are just in case. No promises, right? They may want me to stay on and figure it out. I think it would be cheaper to have an expert come in. But, not my call.