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short question. is there any feature in monday.com that allows me to create a kind of “project header” portfolio, where I can keep all my projects information, i.e. Project code, name, owner (or PM), Budget, etc?

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Hi @anamariaelsal :wave:

I would recommend setting up a Master Project Board where you can store project specific information. Then, you can use the Connected Boards column to connect the actual project to the Master Project board.

We’ve set this up for a lot of clients, so I’d be happy to show you how it works. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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Hi Tanner
It sounds exactly what we´re looking for! Thanks so much for your suggestion! Is this solution like the one included in the Project Portfolio management template? and surely would be more than grateful if you can show me how!

Many thanks!

Ana María

One gotcha to be careful about is users on your summary board the project portfolio need to be members of the Children / Source boards for each of the projects or task list boards you want to connect. We have depart boards for tasks and the owner board feeds both the Project board and the project portfolio summary but as a result anyone participating in reviewing the portfolio summary or project board have to be members of the children boards.

If they are not a member of even 1 connected board, they will not see the mirrored columns of any of the connected boards.

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