Newby here - Project Dashboard?

I run a small construction-related business and we have typically about 20 projects live at a time. I want a board that lists all of those projects with some info ideally showing if anything is behind, etc.

I want to be able to then click on one of the projects which would take me to that board.

I thought that’s what project portfolio was. I can see the demo projects there but I can’t click through. Clicking on one of the projects just opens an item page. Searching here I saw a post about a master projects board which sounded similar. It said something about there being a template so I looked for that and found the “Construction Projects - High Level View”. Perfect! But no, clicking on one of the projects in there has the same result as the portfolio manager. It opens an item screen.

This is so confusing. What do I need to have a board showing all of my projects, which allows me to click on a project to open it? This seems so obvious I feel like I must be missing something simple.

hi @fullmoonguru

Welcome to the community. The app Rollup Multiple Boards (see shows one item for each project boards with a link to that project board. The app has a number of integrations to get the overall status for each project, totals for numbers (e.g. costs, revenue), filtering and much more.

Thanks but it can’t really cost $289 just to have a single page to access our projects?

Isn’t the point of the portfolio manager to get a view of our open projects in one place? If that’s the case, isn’t there a way to then click on a project to open it?

Any progress on this post?
I’m in the same boat. Trying to get set up as well. I own a small cabinet shop and contracting company. I am looking to be able to layout all the info for each job, 10-20 at a time, in separate “folders/tabs” so I can put basic info about the job, timelines, who’s doing what, etc. but still have a “home page” so my guys can pick the job they are on or even be able to organize said job folders for each person. Ideally id like to be able to maintain the master list of jobs so I control the schedule and info and then allow them access on the app so they can easily find where they are supposed to be, and then upload photos and check stuff off as its done.

No progress. I recently sold my business and the new owners want us to use their inferior software (for now). I’m still using this for some other things but not project management.

Hey! I just peaked at what I had because before they made that decision I had downloaded a number of templates to check out. There is one called Multi Project. It lists a few sample projects and then you can click through to one of them so that looks like the answer!

It’s disappointing that a newby (me) had to go find such a simple answer instead of having a more experienced user on this board give me the guidance.

Otherwise though, I don’t know how much of this type of software you have used before but I have been in and out of several options over the years and this is the first time I feel like I found one that has the functionality, flexibility, and useability that I’ve always been searching for.

Hey, this is possible but it takes another software. In my company we had the exact same problem but with around 200 projects at the same time. I built and overview board and with the help of I connected the boards by simply having a Link column and put the hyperlink of the lower level board in that column (we automated this process in one scenario so every new board gets its own item on the overview board automatically). Our costs for make are currently 20$ per month. Yours could be even cheaper, since you most likely dont need so many automations. To share information between the overview board (high level board) and the project boards (lower level baords), you can create scenarios with

Edit: Maybe you are also fine with a “connect Board” column and then mirror some information from the lower level board. This is just to display some information and is very limited in its use

This isn’t overly complicated. Our project management portfolio is just a board that lists each project, connects each project through the Connect Boards column in order to mirror some columns like Timeline and Progress Tracking, and we have a “Link” column where we enter the URL to the project board. We see the high-level data we need** along with a link to jump to each project, which opens in a new tab. It works and is very simple. If you only have about 20 projects live at any time, adding each new one with a link should take only a minute and cost you nothing.

**It’s not actually all the high-level info we need, Monday is apparently lacking in real progress indicators due to sub-items being treated as completely different entities than parent items (we have a really hard time showing actual % complete for all tasks in a project). We built this “portfolio” board ourselves after adding the portfolio product that’s currently in beta, which broke our account.