Project Portfolio Timeline

Good morning all,

I’m currrently setuping the workflow for our R&D Departement. Since every Projects usually follows our stage gate, all steps are consistent between all projects.
So i decided to go with the following :
-One board per project ( I created a template for this one, with dependecies, milestone, pre entered timeline and so on)

-One Master Board used as a Project Portfolio boards. With high level view of all the project ( timeline, status…)

My question is :
Since the number of project linked to one board is limited ( 5, 20 or more depending on the plan) how can i make sure that even if i have more that 20 projects ongoing, i’ll be able to link them to a Portfolio management boards ? to get a view like this :

The Rollup Multiple Boards app uses a different approach to master - detail boards. There is a video that describes the app in detail here. The app does not have a limitation on the number of details boards connected to the master board. In case you want to try it (10-day) trial, please let me know because using dependencies in the detail boards require a specific app setting.