Introducing monday portfolio (recording)

Discover how the new Portfolio solution can help you keep your finger on the pulse of every project, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. In this session, Ran delves into:

The why: The driving force behind the creation of our Portfolio Solution.
The needs: How it addresses common pain points in project management
The features: A walkthrough of the functionalities designed to empower managers.

Questions about monday portfolio solurion? comment below ↓


Saw this live. It is going to be a great help to our org. Thanks, gang!

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Do you have an estimated date on when this will be available for Pro licenses? We are starting a core conversion and this solution will help greatly in our project organization. Thanks! Melinda


When will Monday offer sub sub tasks? Projects need this to be able to accurately group sub tasks that form different aspects of the projects.

Also this would support rolling up tasks in projects to a programme level that might form part of a portfolio


I would also appreciate knowing this. It has happened in the past when Monday announces it will roll out a feature (such as Workflow builder) and it gets users excited, but then that feature takes a while to roll out. If Monday uses its own product, it should have an estimated timeline of when the feature will be rolled out! Please share these estimates with us. We understand they are only estimates. This Portfolio feature could really change the way I am building my workspaces, boards, and dashboards, but if it is going to be 2025 before Pro users can access this, I will move on for now and keep doing what I’m doing. However, if it is going to be one month, I would probably delay making changes to the structure of my boards for this feature to be available. I hope that makes sense to you and the Monday team. Thanks.


Very interesting.
Is there a way to connect simple boards to the portfolio ?
Projects are new level and using portfolio looks like boards would like useless.

Hi, The Portfolio is a powerful tool indeed to manage projects. However, the 1000 items limit (Pro license) is far from supporting the real Project Management needs. This tool is not useful in a multi-project environment, as each complex project might have few Hundreds Items/Subitems. Taking into account that each PM is managing like 10-15 running projects simultaneously, that limit become a real showstopper to work with the Portfolio.
I would appreciate to know if there is any workaround or intention to remove this limitation (or increase the item limit).
Best Regards
Israel Dadon

I believe they announced towards the end of last year that they were going to go from 10,000 items per board to 100,000. But I haven’t seen the release yet.

It‘s already being rolled out.

We already have received the rollout

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It looks promising and like it is well-built.

But, I am disappointed that the structure is completely limited to a one board per project way of thinking.

Our team follow the Scrum method, where tasks from several different projects coexist within the same Sprint Plan board (with each task connecting to different high-level projects/Epics contained within a separate Product Backlog board).

We do not have one board per project, as we need to be able to group all active tasks per sprint and prioritize tasks from different projects within the same board - similar to how monday’s own Dev product is structured.

So, for us this solution is completely incompatible.

We will likely never be able to draw any benefits from the snapshot and portfolio overview functionality - which is disappointing, as top-down visibility really is the main thing we are lacking with monday.

Hey Kasper,

Usually you would have - while having different boards for the Scrum process - an overarching Product Backlog Board which could be used as a reference for the project.

Sure, if you have separate backlog boards for each project. But even then that wouldn’t really give you the whole picture of a project’s progress… or maybe it would, I don’t know. I would have to experiment with the portfolio feature to really understand it.

You have received the rollout of Monday portfolio? If so, are you on an Enterprise or Pro account?

Do project boards need to all live in the same workspace as the portfolio or can the project boards live in various workspaces across the account?

How many Projects can be connected to a portfolio?

It would be great if we could get some very basic features worked on, like relative dates in automations.

@melinda.miller @Julietteb

I emailed customer support and learned that “While we will not be able to provide this functionality to Pro Plans at this time nor [do] we have an ETA if this will be available for that tier, our product team is eager for this kind of feedback to include in their discussions for future improvement.”

I don’t know why I bothered to watch a video for an enterprise solution that would be “available for other later” per the video, but that may never be offered to pro users, nor why it took so long and so much effort to get the question answered. :-1: :-1: :-1: