Introducing the new monday Portfolio!

Join us for an exciting session with monday’s portfolio product manager , Ran
and discover how the new Portfolio solution can help you keep your finger on the pulse of every project, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

In this session Ran will…

  • Discuss the driving force behind the creation of our Portfolio Solution.
  • Explain how it addresses common pain points in project management
  • Walkthrough the different features designed to empower managers.

Any questions for Ran as he pepares his presentation? Comment below!

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Is this a new product in the Monday lineup?

If so, does this have any effect on the Monday Service product which was announced at the beginning of the year? Hope it‘s not being discontinued.

Also I find it a bit odd that monday has two project Management solutions now? Monday work management was already the project Managment solution, wasn’t it?

What exactly is the point of making two products for the same market

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Hey @shayan.moussawi - the new Portfolio functionality will be part of the Work Management product. monday Service is in its final stages and should be released soon.


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Ah this makes a lot more sense.
Thanks for clarifying. I thought this was „Monday Projects“ which was in the works at some point.

A bit off topic, but about Monday Service - will it release with any of the unique features such as omni-channel support (being able to add WhatsApp/chat channels), routing and a customer portal + help center?

Last time I had a look at it (a few months ago) it was still very basic and essentially just a Template solution.

Great question! We will be having an event at end of the month actually all abouy monday service! So hang tight.

@Julietteb is monday Portfolio available to all enterprise accounts now? If so, do we need to request access or is there an admin setting that needs to be changed to implement it?

I’m an admin on an enterprise account on the legacy Work OS product and don’t see the Portfolio creation button as shown in the knowledge base doc:


Hi Juliette,

Can you send me the link for the meeting? I have registered but did not get a confirmation email with the meeting link for Thursday.


I have the same issue. I’m the admin on an enterprise account and I can only find a template for “project portfolio management”. What do we need to do to be able to access the Portfolio option please?


Will this event be recorded?

Also, I’m the admin to our Enterprise account and don’t see the “Portfolio” option as described in the Knowledge base page. Is there something we need to do or request for this option? Will it be automatically updated in our account, and time frame this will happen?


Can you send me the link for the meeting? I have registered but did not get a confirmation email with the meeting link for Thursday.

@Julietteb was this recorded? If so, can you share a link?