Project Portfolio Management Update - Elevate 22

I wanted to see if anyone at could provide an ETA or update on some of the new features announced at Elevate especially project portfolios that allow a better experience of rolling up multiple related boards. This in my opinion is a current deficiency in the platform that other solutions such as offer out of the box. For many organizations that have hundreds (or even thousands) of related boards (let’s say for example one per customer) there is no easy way to connect those boards without a large amount of manual work connecting boards through dashboards (which are limited to 50 boards).

Also the current ability to view what you personally have assigned to you through the My Work view is very limited in its current state.

I believe the addition of this enhancement would greatly improve the current product and any updates would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


I had this same issue – especially the My Work being so limited. I ended up creating one board that has all my clients in it with subitems that control each step/phase. Inside that board, I created my own “My Work” view and this has worked tremendously well. The only issue is, your entire team/staff sees all projects/clients. So, if you’re trying to keep certain teammates from viewing all projects by using individual boards, then this is probably not a good solution.

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Agreed, this is a major deficiency that should be included as out of the box, especially considering is supposed to be a project management tool. The roll up boards is very limited, requires a lot of work, and the only option I have heard of for doing this in a better way is by purchasing an app that I have struggled figuring out how to make it work. This should be a priority


Agreed glad others are experiencing similar frustrations. @Julietteb or @BiancaT can you or someone from the Monday team update everyone on the status of this enhancement that was presented at Elevate?

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Hey! The team is hard at work on many of the features. We are looking into this and will provide an update as soon as we get one from the team!


Isn’t it time for the March ‘2023 new features roundup/webinar?

Hey Admeriel! You are right. March new features is being combined with April this month. We are working on a communtiy calendar to make sure our community is as up-to-date as possible. Stay tuned for some great changes and check back soon for the new features webinar upcoming date.

Are there any new updates to this thread? @Julietteb

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