New features 2023 from The Elevate Show!

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on the upcoming products and features being released in 2023 that were announced during The Elevate Show! What are people most excited for, and how are people looking to implement these features into their workflow? Personally, I am looking forward to being able to interconnect multiple boards/dashboards for a seamless project hierarchy for better resource management from start to finish :star_struck:


I am also looking forward to being able to interconnect multiple boards/dashboards for a seamless project hierarchy.

Our team has a master Projects for Clients board that holds all of our open jobs, and then we have separate workspaces with boards for clients (so they see how the job is progressing without seeing our back-and-forth update conversation of drafts).

But then each of our team member also has their own workspace, where we automate tickets from the Projects for Clients board to duplicate, so we don’t always have to visit the huge board with everyone else’s work. But this means that updates from the original ticket don’t carry over to the duplicate ticket on the team member’s board and vice versa. We’d love to be able to comment on an item in our workspace and have that update appear on the original ticket in the main board but not on the other copy of the ticket on the client’s board.

We know you can invite clients as guests for limited access, but we still need them to be able to converse on items with us.

And we know our team members could use the My Workspace section, but this doesn’t allow for labels and automations. Currently, each team member’s private board is set up with statuses and dashboards for them to track their monthly project turnover, time estimates, etc.

Essentially, we are hoping that the updates this year will allow the following example to happen:

Create item on board A.
Item and updates duplicate and are linked to board B.
Item duplicates without updates and is linked to board C.
So that…
When update is written on A, update appears on B but does NOT appear on C.
When update is written on B, update appears on A but does NOT appear on C.
When update is written on C, update does NOT appear on A or B.
But any changes to the columns on A, B, and C all reflect across all three boards.

We’d also love to know when the new features will be released so we can plan accordingly.


Hi @bptriad :raised_hand:

One thought - For our team, instead of giving everyone their own workspace/boards, we give everyone a dashboard that connects to the project boards. That way, they can still make and access updates and any changes made are made to the original project item instead of to a duplicate item.

We’ve also used dashboards like these to create shareable dashboards for our clients. We give them the ability to see what they are responsible for and to track the project status, but we don’t allow them to edit our items so that they don’t mess up our workflow.

If this is something that would be helpful to you, I’d be happy to help you set it up. Just let me know :slight_smile:

Tanner Consultant
Elevate Business Operations


@tanner_elevate ,
Thanks so much for your reply! I’ve implemented your suggestion on using a dashboard instead of a board for my personal use, and I definitely plan to enact the same setup for the rest of my agency. It’s exactly what I had in mind (but never considered)!

This solution doesn’t work so well for the second half of my predicament, though, because we don’t want our clients to see what we write back and forth in the update section while we iterate (BUT we still want them to be able to type updates to us and be able to respond to them here). So, while we can control the columns they can view/edit, there’s still no way that I’ve found in my research and testing to control the update content that guests see.

I almost wish you could restrict it so that guests can type as many updates as they want (and those all are visible internally), but the guest can only see updates where they are specifically tagged with the @ symbol.

I may reach out in the future, but thank you again for taking the time to respond!

Billi Palmer
Copywriter | Triad Advertising

Hi @BiancaT

Give us a demo of how the new project hierarchy is going to work! It would be so incredibly helpful to see what we should wait for VS what we need to keep finding workarounds for.


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Any news on these new features? I can’t find a roadmap for new features on anywhere.

I’m finding hard to defend the idea to keep using within my company, due to the lack of standarization across boards, workspaces.

We manage very complex projects with multiple workspaces, dashboards and workflows. We need improvements so we can standardize everything.

In our case every project is a workspace, because each have more than 14 boards and we plan to add even more. So if I make a change for one project (workspace) that should be applied to all projects, as for now, I need to go and do it mannualy to al workspaces.

I need to know if somehow I’m going to have some features to help me with this, so I can push inside my company to keep using, because I’m getting some preassure to migrate to Jira.

We need to see the roadmap, I beleive this is a “must” nowdays.

Thanks ahead!

I’m in a similar situation.

Hi everyone, thank you for patience with us :pray: We have followed up with our product team for an update on the release of these features - particularly the project hierarchy feature which we recognise is in high demand! Good things are in the works, so please bear with us as we share insights as they come!

Can you please clarify whether these new features will be available as part of a standard enterprise licence, or are you planning on charging extra for them? I ask because I notice that ‘Monday Projects’ is now a separate, chargeable product in your store, and it’s got us quite concerned.

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