Timeline board view and the split functionallity

Hello, PM enthuisiast here. Been using monday for 1yr, i have set up a system that works verry well using the Timeline board view, split with tables, and convinced several leaders in my company (oil and gas SP) to addopt the system.

However when i went to replicate my setup for another user i ran into problems, and after some time talking to support, it was uncovered that the board view was discontiniued, and replaced by the widget-functionallity to make it less confusing.

The widget solution uses soo much more screen realestate by adding individual filters, rounded corners etc. im down to use it, if you can make it cleaner.

it also removes features the board view had, like the possibility to hide columns.

But the most important thing for me is that the timeline and table-view combo was very efficient, with the middle splitter giving the possibility to do almost all my work in one window. without scrolling

I hope the devs will look into the flow and apperance of the widget view, or bring back the option to get it back.

Widget could definitly be the primary mode, but at least include the abillity to get the old board view back throug some convoluted settings for us habitual/ users.

Thats my thoughts on the topic. Please chime in if you had simular frustration. give this post som traction!

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I agree completely that the widgets use too much screen real estate. Not sure what benefit was gained as this is true timeline, gantt, resource widgets and I am sure there are others. Too much use of white space.

Please improve the UX of the screen real estate.